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  • Hourglass, hourglass clock, Kikkerland hourglass, clock, novelty gift, gift

    Kikkerland Hourglass Clock
    $32.86 $30.61

    The unusual "hour glass" shape allows for two cones to rotate at different speeds - the upper cone representing minutes and the lower cone representing 12 hours. An embossed red line indicates the current time. Thanks to its...

  • 2-Carat Cup, Cup, Fred Cup, 2-Carat, porcelain, Fred and Friends, Fred, gift ideas

    2 Carat Porcelain Cup with Swarovski Crystal

    Here’s a great way to start the day - a graceful porcelain cup that adorns you with a sparkling solitaire diamond ring when you pick it up! But wait, here’s the BEST part - we’ve packed the 2-Carat Cup in...

  • Fred, Fred and Friends, Ice cube tray, jewellry ice cube, jewel ice cube, ice cube, cool jewels, party, bbq

    COOL JEWELS Ice Cube Tray by Fred and Friends
    $6.69 $4.45

    COOL JEWELS™ the dazzling diamond ice cube tray.  Dahling...everyone knows that ice cubes are a girl’s best friend!  Just fill this food-grade flexi ice tray with water or any kind of juice, and freeze...

  • Eye Clock, eye, clock, cute, gift, gift ideas, eye rotation clock

    Cute Eye Rotation Clock
    $14.91 $7.44

    This sleek timepiece uses a pair of pupils to indicate the time. Left eye ‘looks’ to the hours, right eye ‘looks’ to the minutes. An eye-deal gift for hip clock watchers bored of all that big...

  • DCI, Decor Craft, yummy pocket, pouch, yummypocket, christmas yummy pocket, holiday yummy pocket, christmas yummypocket, coin pouch, pencil pouch, gingerbread, christmas tree, stocking

    DCI Christmas Yummy Pockets

    Store your belongings in these yummy shaped pockets! Zipper pouch fits small accessories such as phones; pens; lip gloss; money & credit cards. Choose from 3 different styles: Gingerbread, Christmas Tree and Stocking...

  • DCI, Decor Craft, yummy pocket, hot dog pouch, hot dog yummy pocket, hot dog, yummypocket, coin pouch, pencil pouch

    DCI Hot Dog Yummy Pocket

    This Hot Dog Yummy Pocket is the perfect place to store your keys, change, pencils or anything that you want to carry with you. High quality graphic print on fabric that looks like a real hot dog, that's why...

  • DCI, Decor Craft, Christmas Tree, magic tree, magic Christmas tree, stocking stuffer, christmas

    DCI Magic Grower DIY Christmas Tree

    Just assemble and add water. Watch the magic Christmas tree grow in 6 hours! The package has everything you will need to grow and decorate this magic Christmas tree, including glitter, garland, and a gold star...

  • DCI, decor craft, retro pillow, popcorn, movie popcorn

    DCI Retro Popcorn Pillow

    Lay down in style with this Retro pillow that resemble the old-fashion movie popcorn.  This 3D photo printed pillow is soft and flat enough to pack in a suitcase.  It will be perfect for your living...

  • DCI, decor craft, retro pillow, chips, potato chips, potato chips pillow

    DCI Retro Potato Chips Pillow

    Lay down in style with this retro potato chips pillow.  This 3D photo printed pillow is soft and flat enough to pack in a suitcase.  It will be perfect for your living room and bedroom!   100%...

  • DCI, decor craft, retro pillow, TV, TV Pillow

    DCI Retro TV Pillow

    Lay down in style with the Retro Pillow T.V from DCI.  3D photo printed pillow looks like a real television 100% polyester Dimensions: 16" x 11.25" x...

  • DCI, Decor Craft, santa's glove, oven mitt, santa, christmas, stocking stuffer, christmas cookies, baking supplies, baking cookies, mitt, oven

    DCI Santa's Glove Oven Mitt (One)

    Bake cookies for Santa while looking like Santa! Wear this festive Santa's Glove Oven Mitt and bring some fun to your Kitchen this year. Outer front- 100% nylon. Outer back- 100% neoprene. Lining- 100% nylon. Trim- 100%...

  • post-it, stationery, sushi, maki, shrimp, soy sauce, sticky note, memo note, memo, stickies

    DCI Sushi Sticky Notes

    DCI Sushi Sticky Notes - 2 different styles, Shrimp & Maki and Sushi & Soy Sauce.  Includes 7 mini sticky notes sets, each set contains 25 sheets of adhesive paper.  Keep this sushi sticky notes on your...

  • DCI, Decor Craft, Tasty Toppers, tasty topper, key topper, key cap, keys, house key, yummy, tasty, cute

    DCI Tasty Key Toppers

    DCI Tasty Key Toppers is a perfect addition to your keys.  Choose from 8 styles- Lollipop; cupcake; waffle; donut; fries; hamburger; pizza & sushi. This item qualify for dollar shipping, for details please see the...

  • DCI, decor craft, yummypillow, food pillow, ice cream pillow, ice-cream pillow, yummy pillow

    DCI Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow

    Feeling the heat in the summer?  Need something to cool down?  You will love this Ice Cream Sandwich YummyPillow by DCI!! 100% polyester Dimensions: 23" x 10.5" x...

  • Design Ideas Branch Coasters, Qingke  (Set of 4)

    Design Ideas Branch Coasters, Qingke (Set of 4)

    These unique, handsome and eco-friendly coasters from Design Ideas were nicely crafted by slicing cross sections of tree branches that would otherwise be burned. They are carefully assembled on a dark-brow felt.  The...

  • Design Ideas Magnet MagnaDate Perpetual Calendar

    Design Ideas Magnet MagnaDate Perpetual Calendar

    This calendar works for any month in any year by rearranging the magnetic blocks indicating the days and dates.  But it goes one step further by providing a generous assortment of symbols to indicate important events at...

  • Design Ideas Unique Pushpins - Workdarts, Airplane Squadron & Archery

    Design Ideas Pushpins - Workdarts, Airplane Squadron & Archery

    Made with durable plastic (Workdarts & Achery) and metal (Squadron), these unique pushpins by Design Ideas will hold up your reminders, pictures and notes in your kitchen, bedroom or dorm while adding some fun to your...

  • Design Ideas ToastIt Toast Look-a-Like Coasters (Set of 8)

    Design Ideas ToastIt Toast Look-a-Like Coasters (Set of 8)

    Developed by an up-and-coming Brazillian designer, this ToastIt Coasters play on words, shape and materials.  The high quality natural cork material does indeed look something like toast and protects your table surface...

  • Mighty Wallet, Dynomighty, paper wallet, postcard, wallet, mighty wallets, stamp

    Dynomighty Mighty Wallet - Destination (Various Styles)
    $11.18 $10.43

    Yeah... it's a wallet. The Mighty Wallet® is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. Made from Tyvek® (think express mail envelopes), these cool wallets resist tearing because of thousands of...

  • Accoutrements, bandages, bandage, band-aid, bacon bandage, bacon strips, bacon, fun bandage, novelty bandage, medical need, plaster, adhesive bandage

    Fun & Novelty Bandages - Bacon, Toast, Mac & Cheese, Kisses, Pickle & Crime Scene

    There's nothing better for fixing your boo boos than a fun novelty bandages! Choose from style like Bacon Strip, Toast, Mac & Cheese, Kisses, Pickle and Crime Scene! Each 3-3/4" (9.5 cm) tall metal tin contains fifteen...



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