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  • Hourglass, hourglass clock, Kikkerland hourglass, clock, novelty gift, gift

    Kikkerland Hourglass Clock
    $33.65 $31.36

    The unusual "hour glass" shape allows for two cones to rotate at different speeds - the upper cone representing minutes and the lower cone representing 12 hours. An embossed red line indicates the current time. Thanks to its...

  • Gift, baby, bib, bibs, tie, camera, cute bib, baby shower

    Adorable J.I.P Photo Print Bib
    $8.38 $6.09

    100% Cotton Bib from J.I.P., a company under Present Time.   They J.I.P (Junior in Progress) is a collection for sweet babies, cute kids and fabulous mums. The J.I.P product range appeals as much to parents &...

  • Eye Clock, eye, clock, cute, gift, gift ideas, eye rotation clock

    Cute Eye Rotation Clock
    $15.28 $7.62

    This sleek timepiece uses a pair of pupils to indicate the time. Left eye ‘looks’ to the hours, right eye ‘looks’ to the minutes. An eye-deal gift for hip clock watchers bored of all that big...

  • Gift, Clock, Stylist Clock, karlsson, twin bell, karlsson nude, karlsson clock, present time, pt, white, nude, alarm clock, extra large

    Karlsson Large Twin Bell Nude Alarm Clock
    $43.61 $39.78

    A completely naked alarm clock? Only design house Karlsson who have a reputation for elegant, witty and innovative clocks could come up with something like this. This amazing stylish designer alarm clock, The Bell Nude...

  • kikkerland, will return clock, clock, will return, return sign, novelty, gifts, gift ideas

    Kikkerland Will Return Clock
    $10.68 $4.56

    A fun take on a classic sign. Return as late as you like -- this actual clock will keep up with you! Wall clock shaped like the ubiquitous "Will Return" sign Requires 1 AA battery (not included) Size: 15 cm x 12.5 cm x...

  • Present Time Alarm Clock OnGift, Clock, Stylist Clock, pt, present time, gift ideas, clock on a spring, alarm clock, pt, spring clock a Spring (Extra Large, Black Dial)

    Present Time Alarm Clock On a Spring (Extra Large, Black Dial)
    $22.93 $12.98

    Spring into life with this great alarm clock, a stylish piece for any home and will look great any room. Chrome clock with black face Clocks sits on a spring Dial measures 6-Inch diameter Measures 21cm...

  • Gift, Clock, Stylist Clock, pt, present time, gift ideas, whisk clock, wall clock, pt, whisk pendulum, kitchen

    Present Time Whisk Pendulum Wall Clock

    This Whisk clock will look fabulous in the kitchen, and will compliment any design. Whisk away the hours with this comical designer kitchen clock. Fashioned from brushed steel it features a plain curved face with...


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