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  • Hourglass, hourglass clock, Kikkerland hourglass, clock, novelty gift, gift

    Kikkerland Hourglass Clock
    $32.92 $30.68

    The unusual "hour glass" shape allows for two cones to rotate at different speeds - the upper cone representing minutes and the lower cone representing 12 hours. An embossed red line indicates the current time. Thanks to its...

  • Gift, baby, bib, bibs, tie, camera, cute bib, baby shower

    Adorable J.I.P Photo Print Bib
    $8.20 $5.96

    100% Cotton Bib from J.I.P., a company under Present Time.   They J.I.P (Junior in Progress) is a collection for sweet babies, cute kids and fabulous mums. The J.I.P product range appeals as much to parents &...

  • Eye Clock, eye, clock, cute, gift, gift ideas, eye rotation clock

    Cute Eye Rotation Clock
    $14.94 $7.45

    This sleek timepiece uses a pair of pupils to indicate the time. Left eye ‘looks’ to the hours, right eye ‘looks’ to the minutes. An eye-deal gift for hip clock watchers bored of all that big...

  • Gift, Clock, Stylist Clock, karlsson, twin bell, karlsson nude, karlsson clock, present time, pt, white, nude, alarm clock, extra large

    Karlsson Large Twin Bell Nude Alarm Clock
    $42.66 $38.92

    A completely naked alarm clock? Only design house Karlsson who have a reputation for elegant, witty and innovative clocks could come up with something like this. This amazing stylish designer alarm clock, The Bell Nude...

  • kikkerland, will return clock, clock, will return, return sign, novelty, gifts, gift ideas

    Kikkerland Will Return Clock
    $10.45 $4.46

    A fun take on a classic sign. Return as late as you like -- this actual clock will keep up with you! Wall clock shaped like the ubiquitous "Will Return" sign Requires 1 AA battery (not included) Size: 15 cm x 12.5 cm x...

  • Present Time Alarm Clock OnGift, Clock, Stylist Clock, pt, present time, gift ideas, clock on a spring, alarm clock, pt, spring clock a Spring (Extra Large, Black Dial)

    Present Time Alarm Clock On a Spring (Extra Large, Black Dial)
    $22.44 $12.70

    Spring into life with this great alarm clock, a stylish piece for any home and will look great any room. Chrome clock with black face Clocks sits on a spring Dial measures 6-Inch diameter Measures 21cm...



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